PIAA H7 Xtreme White Plus Bulb


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Xtreme White Plus is PIAA's best-selling technology. These bulbs will provide a brilliant Xtreme cool white light that will light up road hazards and street signs long before a normal halogen bulb. Xtreme White Plus bulbs are engineered for sustained performance in applications where a high level of vibration and moisture protection is required. PIAA bulbs are engineered with XTRA Technology for greater Performance per watt compared to the competition. XTRA Technology is achieved when a proprietary gas mixture is combined with an aerospace alloy filament that produces greater light output than its rated power consumption: i.e. 55W=110W

-PIAA's Xtra Technology produces more light with stock power draw
-Engineered to optimize output of stock or aftermarket lights
-White 4000K color provides best color recognition, contrast, and depth perception
-Made with quality components to increase life of the bulb
-One Year Warranty Included

Please see the Sierra BMW Bulb Application List if you're unsure what bulb your machine requires.

PIAA H7 Xtreme White Plus Bulb
Produced by PIAA of Japan

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