RCU K1200RS Bar Risers


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These handle bar risers are designed especially for the K1200RS rider who needs just a smidge of bar lift and setback to straighten their back and make the riding position a bit more upright. A lift of 1"+ and a setback of 1" has been found to be perfect for most RS riders.

Specially designed 2-piece lock washers manufactured in Sweden assure a rigid and reliably tight installation. The risers are manufactured from aircraft-quality, billet aluminum alloy and are anodized in a satin clear finish. Screws are black-zinc plated to resist corrosion.

No modifications to your clutch, brake or throttle lines are necessary. The right riser has been relieved in one corner to allow your cruise-control cable to safely clear with no interference.

RCU K1200RS Bar Risers
Produced by RCU Designs of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW