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RCU R1200 Hexhead Highway Peg Kit


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The RCU Highway peg kit allows you to stretch your legs out on long rides with a unique highway peg mounting system by RCU Designs.

-Uses existing valve cover bolts.
-Precision milled aircraft aluminum stock.
-Zinc coated screws to avoid corrosion.
-Offers 4 different positions for mounting foot pegs.
-The Footpeg Mount Kit consists of the right and left plates, (6) adapters, (6) 8 x 25mm screws and (6) flat washers.
-BMW pegs are OEM R100/7 passenger foot pegs, and they fold up when not in use. Other peg options are aftermarket folding pegs.

Choose from Econo or OEM BMW Footpegs kits.

RCU R1200 Hexhead Highway Peg Kit
Produced by RCU Designs of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW