RCU08030 or RCU08040-01

RCU R1200GS (05-12)|ADV (06-13) Centerstand Skid Plate


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If you are adventuresome enough to ride off-road and you are worried about the centerstand getting hung up on some protruding hazard, fear no more. The Centerstand Skid Plate was designed for you.

Using two cadmium plated straps with integral self-locking nuts, the skid plate fastens quickly to your center stand cross bar.

The skid plate is machined from tough, 3/16” thick, aircraft-quality aluminum alloy with lightening grooves machined longitudinally to resist hanging up on trail hazards. A satin, anodized finish is used. Screws are black-zinc plated to resist corrosion.

The skid plate is light enough to have virtually no effect on the centerstand spring retaining the additional weight. No spring adjustments are required.

Please choose "early" model if your GS centerstand is built with a curved cross-member and the "late" version if your GS has the straight cross-piece and your centerstand looks like an "H" or for the Adventure. Late version pictured.

RCU R1200GS (05-12)|ADV (06-13) Centerstand Skid Plate
Produced by RCU Designs of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW