RCU R1250GS|R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-)|RnineT|F850GS|F750GS Accessory Half Shelf


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The RCU Designs Accessory Half Shelf for the water-cooled R1200GS, Adventure,  RnineT, F850GS, and F750GS is ideal for mounting a radar detector, GPS unit or a garage door opener that requires visibility through the windshield. The Lexan windshield is unique for our shelves, and since this shelf is left of the driver's windscreen, the Lexan aids in bug and debris protection to the device. Approximate windshield size is 1-3/8" high x 3" wide.

As with all of our half shelves, the plate is adjustable for position on its support arm. Finish is black powder-coat paint with plated hardware.

Note: Does not fit Adventures with driving light switch on the left.

RCU R1250GS|R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-)|RnineT|F850GS|F750GS Accessory Half Shelf
Produced by RCU Designs of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW