RKA 3 Liter Allegra Tankbag


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-Lifetime-limited warranty.
-Portal (false wall) is on the left side of the bag to carry all elecrtical wires & cables.
-Loop (Velcro) is sewn inside the main compartment for optionail "Control box".
-Optional "Dashboard & base plate" to hold all your devices on top of the tankbag.
-Map holder is thick 20th Lexan material and is removable.
-Inside usable dimensions are 6.0" x 8.0. Optional XL 8.0" x 10" map case avalible.
-Beautiful rubberized handle.
-Organizer, map, pen, tire gage and key chain holder in the lid.
-PVC coated polyester Slip-Not bottoms and backs to all luggage.
-Slip Not is an anti-abrasion grip fabric, waterproof, strong and washable.
-All luggage is made out of a 600 Denier solution dyed Polyester.
-Urethane coated 600 denier vinyl laminated PVC, diamond embossed material.
-All zippers are YKK.
-Inserts are 60th ABS (Plastic) in areas where needed.
-All luggage is finished and lined in main compartments and major areas.
-3/8 inch foam combined onto a 200 denier coated nylon for the inside lining.
-Attachment system included.
-Shoulder strap included.

Main comparment: 10" x 7" x 2.5" for a total of 175 cubic inches or 3 liters

Lifetime Warranty!

RKA 3 Liter Allegra Tankbag
Produced by RKA of USA