Rowe PDM60 Power Distribution Module


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The future of power management... is here.

The old methods of power distribution have gone the way of the floppy disk (remember those?).

No more checking or replacing fuses, or installing relays for powering high amperage electronics.

The PDM60 Power Distribution Module has 6 power circuits, making it easy to handle all your gadgets and farkles.The bright LED indicators keep you informed of the status of each circuit.

The PDM60:
-Makes adding or removing aftermarket electrical devices / electronics (farkles) to your bike a breeze.
-Is simple to install and simple to use.
-Connects directly to the battery on your bike.
-Has 6 power circuits to handle all your farkle needs.
-Has bright LED indicators to keep you informed of the status of each circuit.
-Eliminates the need to check or replace fuses.
-Eliminates the need to install relays for powering high amperage electronics.
-The PDM60 has been built with components selected for superior power management capability, and extended service life. It’s designed with one goal in mind: to provide years and years of superior, hassle free performance (Tested for over 500,000 (yes….five hundred thousand) cycles, under a full 60 amp load, and still running strong!). The PDM60 unit is fully encapsulated to protect against rain, dust, humidity, etc. Whether it’s off-road, or cross-country via interstate, these units are built to last under the harshest of conditions..

Physical dimensions: 2”H x 3”W x .9”D; about the size of a business card, and less than an inch thick.

6 indicator lights: The LEDs indicate the condition of the circuit.
GREEN, you’re good.
ORANGE, it’s an inactive or unused circuit, or has been interrupted due to an intermittent fault condition.
RED, you have an existing fault on the circuit, and the power has been interrupted.

Connecting to the unit: The PDM60 comes with a Posi-Lock connector for each circuit and the ground trigger. There’s also a Posi-Tap for connecting the ignition trigger wire. There’s one lead per circuit, two trigger wires, and the main power and ground leads. This makes the installation of the PDM60 a breeze, and allows for custom fitting the unit to your vehicle. Compact & easy. A fuse in the power wire is not required, and would yield no additional benefit. The PDM60 is essentially a self monitoring digital fuse/breaker itself. The PDM60 has 60 Amps of power handling capability. Load it up.

For items requiring more than 15Amps: A 20A capable circuit (circuit #5) can be used to power intermittent applications like Stebel horns, etc. The 20A circuit is recommended for intermittent use only. If 20A is not enough, you can also run parallel circuits. You utilize two (or three) of the circuits (i.e. two 15A circuits=30A) to power your device. You just connect multiple circuit leads to your device power lead, ground your device to the frame or other suitable ground point, and you’re up and running, fully protected. Keep in mind that any load will be split equally among the circuits used, so each of the circuits used must be able to its portion of the total load. i.e. two circuits, 50% of total load each.

CAN type electrical systems: If you have a CAN type electrical system on your vehicle of choice, no fear! The PDM60 is completely CAN compatible. You can wire the trigger wires right into the CAN system and it won’t even know that it is there!

Programmable: The PDM60 is fully programmable. The dashboard software (free download) allows you to configure individual circuit behavior. There are 8 different triggering mode options for each circuit, and you can set delay activation / and delay off time periods, as well as individual circuit current limits. Configuration changes are a breeze to set up. The dashboard is easy to install, and easy to use. You can update/change your settings whenever you want.

Rowe PDM60 Power Distribution Module
Produced by Rowe Electronics of USA