Cardo PackTalk Bold Bluetooth Intercom


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PACKTALK BOLD is the next generation of the world’s best motorcycle communication system. Plain and simple.

Intuitive controls without the sacrifice of stylish design. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. With an all-new, always-on, natural voice operation feature, you will never have to press a button, turn a wheel or move a slider again, because Cardo has just empowered your voice. Whether you ride with a buddy or in a group of up to 15, just say “hey Cardo”, and your Packtalk Bold will do the rest. Seamless group communication remains unaffected by members leaving or joining the group. GPS instructions, FM radio, MP3 music continue in background during intercom calls. Rider and passenger can listen to the same stereo music via A2DP. Built-in FM Radio with RDS: six station presets with auto scan. Advanced voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation, now with additional multilingual voice commands. Intuitive manual operation through Cardo's novel roller-wheel interface. Cardo SmartSet™ app for Android™ and iOS devices enables the use of a smartphone as remote control on the handlebar and customization of devices. Cardo Community® platform for social features, device customization and software upgrades. Best-in-class, noise-cancellation algorithms. Multilingual spoken status announcements. Self-adjusting volume according to riding speed and ambient noise. Voice-control for mobile and intercom calls. Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones.

Sound by JBL
Founded more than 70 years ago JBL has been a magnet for audiophiles of every generation. From concert halls to cinemas, to home entertainment and on the go, JBL is synonymous with audio excellence and innovation. A synergy of passion Music and motorcycling are both great passions. Cardo-JBL partnership delivers - for the very first time - an ultimate listening experience whether you are tackling a mountain pass or just zooming down the freeway.

-Dynamic Meshwork Communication technology for group intercom (2 to 15 riders)
-Voice-controlled speed dial
-Automatic call transfer from intercom to mobile phone when intercom 5 mile range is exceeded
-Mobile phone conference call with outside caller and/or intercom partners
-Customizable Hot-Dial number
-Up to 13 hours talk time and one week stand-by
-Waterproof and dustproof

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Note: Compatible with the new BMW TFT display.

Cardo PackTalk Bold Bluetooth Intercom
Produced by Cardo Systems of USA