Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way by Reg Pridmore with Geoff Drake

Reg Pridmore with Geoff Drake

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Former AMA racing champion Reg Pridmore, known worldwide for his popular CLASS Motorcycle Schools, brings his decades of experience on the track, street, and classroom to the readers of this new riding skills book.

A long-time proponent of the value of smoothness, control, and body-steering, Pridmore’s insightful text explains how the techniques that helped him win championships can help everyday motorcyclists and budding racers become better, safer riders. Sections on street strategies and riding gear make this a comprehensive how-to riding skills book for anyone looking to improve their skills. An ideal follow-up to beginner how-to-ride books like Motorcycling Excellence.

After reviewing the basics, Pridmore shows advanced students how to focus on control in cornering, braking, and acceleration. There are also chapters devoted to riding psychology, throttle management, shifting and body positioning, as well as tips on bike setup and plenty of information on traffic techniques and accident avoidance. Pridmore illustrates points with colorful anecdotes from his own riding, racing, and teaching career.

“I believe that being smooth isn’t just an artful or elegant way to ride the bike, though it is those things, too,” Pridmore writes. “You need to be smooth before you can go fast, and you need to be smooth to be safe. I also put a lot of emphasis on ‘body steering’—using subtle weight shifts to initiate turns, rather than being forceful with the handlebar.”

Sftbd. 8-1/4 x 10-1/2 in. 160 pp. color illus.

Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way by Reg Pridmore with Geoff Drake