Suburban Machinery GS Big Peg Kit

Suburban Machinery

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Big Pegs are 5.3" long overall, with a grip area of 4 inches by 2 inches!
Factory pegs have always been made short.
For serious off-road riding there are times when you need to get a foot down quickly. The short peg gives you maximum access to the ground. Unfortunately they can be tiring and uncomfortable. If you do serious off-road riding, we suggest you practice with the Big Peg so that you learn how to avoid the peg should you need to make a quick stab at the ground.

Lowers the pegs between 1.25" and 1.5" depending on model, and moves them .4" forward.

Fits R1100GS, R1150GS, R1150GS Adventure, R1200GS 2005-2012, R1200GS Adventure 2006-2013. 2005 and earlier machines won't use the included spacer.

Suburban Machinery GS Big Peg Kit
Produced by Suburban Machinery of USA