SW-Motech F800GT Mirror Extensions


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To ensure that your own shoulders aren't the only thing you see in the rear-view mirror, the extension elements provide a significantly improved field of vision by relocating the mirrors to the outside. Once adjusted and screwed on, the sturdy, well-designed extensions provide secure hold for the mirrors, even when riding off-road or at high speeds.
-For fairing mirrors: easy mounting between mirror and fairing
-Lateral relocation of up to 4 cm
-For improving the rear view
-Made from black polyamide

Included in delivery
-2 x Mirror extensions with profile extension
-Mounting instructions
-Mounting material

-Material: Polyamide
-Color: black
-Total Weight: appr. 0,3 kg / appr. 0.6 lb

SW-Motech F800GT Mirror Extensions
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany