Throttlemeister R1150RS|R1100RS|K100 Series Friction Cruise Control


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A bar end, mechanical, cruise control for motorcycles. Machined from billet stainless steel & Ampco bronze which eliminates rust and corrosion and maintains a lasting beauty. Sealed by "O" rings to keep out dirt and water and maintain it's smooth and solid operating feel for years.

-No Maintenance, No need for lubrication.
-Easy to use--Engage by turning in the same direction as opening the throttle. Disengage by turning in the same direction as closing the throttle.
-Can be operated wearing heavy gloves.
-Includes matching left side End Weight.
-Bar End & Throttle End are the same weight.
-Quick installation--On most bikes simply remove original end weights then replace with "Throttlemeister" and matching End Weight.

Throttlemeister R1150RS|R1100RS|K100 Series Friction Cruise Control
Produced by Throttlemeister of USA