Touratech 8mm Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Kit


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Quick-disconnects for creating a sealed break in a fuel line for easy removal of the tank for maintenance or changing tanks. These also allow easy filling of another fuel container, like a gas stove bottle or your friend's smaller tank that ran out of gas 10 miles before the next gas station. These are not the food-grade connectors available from other suppliers. Our connectors are assembled by the manufacturer with BOTH seals (internal and external) specified for exposure to gasoline. The internal seal is installed during assembly so it is vital that the correct unit is chosen. Use one of these for each fuel line you need a disconnect in.

-Dual shut-off valves
-When connected fuel will flow & when disconnected fuel will not flow
-Capable of withstanding temperatures of -40 degrees F to 180 degrees F
-These fittings now come with Viton® type fluoroelastomer o-rings with superior chemical resistance
-Made in the USA

Touratech 8mm Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Kit
Produced by Touratech of Germany