Touratech F650GS2 Additional Fuel Tank


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The newest home run from Touratech! Add 5.3 gallons to your F650GS2 for twice the range! Coming soon.

To transform the F650GS-Twin into a true long-distance motorcycle it is necessary to add a second 5.3 gal fuel tank. With the original 4.2 gallons, the new total volume is 9.5 gallons, which at 50 miles per gallon can provide a range of more than 475 miles.

The tank installs in the normal position of a motorcycle tank, and drains by gravity into the main underseat tank. A locking fuel filler cap is included, with two keys.

It is made of virtually indestructible Polyamide Nylon, the same material that modern car bumpers are made from. Thus it can be prepared using normal automotive primers.

Suggested painting procedure:
1.) Plastic adhesion promoter (PPG DPX 801)
2.) DP sealer various numbers: 90,40,48
3.) Wetsand to smooth imperfections
4.) DP sealer second coat
5.) Base coat / Clear coat system or single depending on color and application.

-Unpainted polyamide nylon
-Adds 5.3 gallons
-All installation parts are included

Dimensional weight listed

Touratech F650GS2 Additional Fuel Tank
Produced by Touratech of USA