Touratech F800GS (13-)|F700GS Desierto 3 Fairing


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Transform the look, feel, and attitude of your BMW F800GS or F700GS with the Desierto 3 fairing from Touratech. With its rally inspired design and adjustable windscreen you get all the benefits of a much larger windscreen with none of the drawbacks.

The special aerodynamic design of the D3 creates a smooth laminar airflow over the fairing and windscreen . Laminar airflow means smoother air hitting or passing over your helmet, eliminating annoying wind noise and buffeting. This is especially effective with dual-sport helmets. You can easily adjust the height and angle of the airflow to suit you with the easy to access adjustment nuts.

Touratech designers spent many hours perfecting the look of the Desierto III fairing and making sure it matched the lines of the stock GS. The look of the fairing is obviously rally inspired, giving you a taste of the Dakar every time you hop on the bike for a ride.

Mounting of the Desierto fairing requires no drilling, cutting, or modification to your BMW, so you can take it back to a stock look at any time. All necessary hardware is included for the installation.

"... the most functional bit of wind/weather protection you can bolt onto the F800GS... Touratech's adjustable Desierto 3 windscreen makes the GS cockpit a much more pleasant place on the freeway without getting in my way anywhere else. And unlike some nonspecific polycarbonate slab, it looks good."
Tim Carrithers, Motorcyclist Magazine

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Touratech F800GS (13-)|F700GS Desierto 3 Fairing
Produced by Touratech of Germany