Touratech F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 Adjustable Folding Brake Pedal


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There's nothing worse than stepping for the rear brake and having it in the wrong place. Many riders find the brake pedal too low and hard to reach while standing. This folding rear brake lever from Touratech lets you adjust the height and forward position of the brake pedal on your BMW F800GS, F700GS, or F650GS Twin, while adding the extra protection of a folding tip.

Choose from two different height positions and two length positions to maximize comfort and bike control. The folding tip is a necessity when off-road riding because it will help prevent damage to your BMW's braking system when the brake pedal comes in contact with the ground or an obstacle. We’ve even included a pre-drilled hole in the lever for you to install a brake-saver cable! Made of epoxy coated mild steel, this lever is easy to bend back into shape in the event that it does become deformed after a hit.

-Adjustable folding tip
-Two pedal location options in height
-Two pedal location options in length
-Pre-drilled hole for brake saver cable
-Made in Germany by Touratech
-Fits BMW F800GS, F700GS, F650GS-Twin 2008 and newer

Touratech F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 Adjustable Folding Brake Pedal
Produced by Touratech of Germany