Touratech G|F650GS|D|S|G650X Challenge Folding Shift Lever


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Folding shift lever replacement for F650GS. Steel lever with Spring loaded Aluminum folding tip. Increase the safety of your gear lever by installing this one that folds back upon encounters to rocks, stumps or other off-road obstacles. Protects your shifter and the selector shaft.

Also can be fitted to G650 Xchallenge with the tip 3/4" below footpeg level (see PHOTO). We hear frequent reports that the original G650X selector lever is so strong that it can bend the gear selector shaft. 041-0702 is softer and potentially "safer" for the the gear selector shaft in a fall. It is designed to bend and not break thus it can be bent back if necessary.

-6" long from spline to tip
-Folding aluminum tip
-Steel lever

Fits BMW F650GS (single cyl.) G650GS, Dakar & Sertao), G650 Xchallenge

Touratech G650GS|F650GS|Dakar|Sertao|G650X Challenge Folding Shift Lever
Produced by Touratech of Germany