Touratech G|F650GS|Dakar|Sertao Locking Oil Filler Cap/Dipstick


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Protect your oil fill and make your F650GS look good too with this CNC machined oil filler cap. The cap opens and closes with a keyed lock so that people who have no business in the engine stay out but it is easy to remove for maintenance and adding oil. Has a dip-stick built in for checking the oil level.

Made of CNC turned (anodized) aluminum this cap will not weather like the stock plastic oil filler cap. Stylish protection for a stylish bike.

Fits all years F650GS (2005-later models will still use sight glass for oil level). Easy to check oil level at night or from the drivers seat.

If you have other Touratech products with key locks, such as Touratech panniers or GPS mounts, we can arrange to have all the locks open with the same key so you have fewer keys on your keyring. Please call us if this is the case. Note that we try to accomodate matching key requests with our in-stock inventory but oftentimes it takes a month to order in a part with a matched key from Germany.

Touratech G|F650GS|Dakar|Sertao Locking Oil Filler Cap/Dipstick
Produced by Touratech of Germany