Touratech G650X Series Off-road Chain Guide


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Off-Road Chain Guide for the BMW G650X Series. A chain guide ensures that the chain will align with the sprocket under all conditions. In extreme off-road conditions, or when the chain is loose, or worn out, this becomes more important, for the bike, and for the safety of the rider. Prevent the chain from coming off, ever.

The G650X comes with a guard to block entry of a foot or hand into the sprocket in event of a crash. It looks like a chain guide but it does not capture the chain on all sides and guide it onto the sprocket.

A chain guide is also very important for long-distance travels where it may be required to use a very worn chain beyond normal service limits.

Special order item from Touratech Germany, typically 2-3 weeks to ship. Note that this chain guide is made for the original sprocket and may not work with different size sprockets without modifications or adjustments.

Touratech G650X Challenge,G650X Moto, G650X Country Off-road Chain Guide
Produced by Touratech of Germany