Touratech K1300GT|K1200GT2 “Touring” Tankbag


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There's more to our Touring tank bag than just good looks! Designed to match the BMW K1200GT perfectly, it guarantees full steering lock without the embarrassment of accidentally using the horn when maneuvering. The attachment kit provides instant access to the tank lid when necessary. There are three mesh pockets on the outside for small items. Right by the zip on the inside is a coin pocket, specially designed to hold small change and toll tickets for easy access at toll stations without having to open the whole bag. The mobile phone compartment integrated inside the map pocket holds your mobile enabling you to stay in touch with the outside world while traveling. The integrated power cord extension is protected against water, so your mobile can also be operated by mains power. The volume can be increased from 20 to approx. 26 liters. With the comfortable carrying handle, the tank bag also looks good without a motorbike. It can also be used as a rucksack with the enclosed straps.

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Touratech K1300GT|K1200GT2 “Touring” Tankbag
Produced by Touratech of Germany