Touratech R1150GS|ADV Mesh Headlight Guard


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Branches, road debris, and even shopping cart handles can all conspire to crack the expensive lens cover of the R1150GS and Adventure. Prevent this from happening with our super-tough black powdercoated steel grill headlight protector. This part provides severe impact-proof protection for the headlight and allows air to flow through for proper cooling of the headlight bulbs.

Steel headlight grill easily mounts onto the bike using existing fairing bolts and comes with replacement screws and spacers. Shaped to fit the headlights of the 1150GS, this grill is appropriate gear for off-road weekend rides or around-the-world tours.
-Best protection for headlight
-Allows proper cooling for headlight bulbs
-Does not collect dust

Touratech R1150GS|ADV Mesh Headlight Guard
Produced by Touratech of Germany