Touratech R1150GS|ADV|R1100GS VP45 Tankbag with Panniers


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This Touratech tank bag is designed to fit the R1150GS, Adventure, or R1100GS and has a total capacity of 45 liters. The main pouch is 15 liters compacted or 25 liters expanded. The bag set also features two removable side panniers for either side of the fuel tank with a 10 liter capacity per pouch. This version is fastened to the tank using nylon straps and quick disconnect clips. All three pouches can be removed individually with zipper attachments. The bag set features convenient side pouches, a carrying strap and a map pocket.

Dimensional weight listed

Touratech R1150GS|R1150GS ADV|R1100GS VP45 Tankbag w/panniers
Produced by Touratech of Germany