Touratech R1150GS|R1100GS Engine Guards


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For dual-sport riders falls are part of the game. The pilot is well protected, but what about their motorcycle? We have developed crashbars for the R 1150/1100 GS that really protect the motorbike. Rugged mounts attach to the bike at 6 points. Two crossbars take the lateral forces. The crashbar bolts together in the middle. To carry out any any maintenance work on the motorcycle, only two screws have to be removed, removing the entire crashbar is not necessary.

-Steel tubing diameter: 25mm
-Very strong, thick wall tubing
-Black epoxy coating
-All mounting hardware included
-Replacement parts available

Please note: Dimensional shipping weight is listed. R1150GS pictured. R1150GS version does not fit Adventure, R1100GS version is a special order item from Touratech Germany.

Touratech R1150GS|R1100GS Engine Guards
Produced by Touratech of Germany