Touratech R1150GS|R1100GS Tail Rack Bag TVP


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Versatile tail rack bag that fits behind the passenger grab rail. Circular zip for vertical expansion allows more capacity. The bag has a sponge rubber base in case heavy items are carried such as tools. Reinforced sides hold its shape. Two strong straps fasten the bag to the rack. Teflon treated fabric sheds dirt, to retain its good looks.

Does NOT fit Adventure.

Size: approx. 12x6 inches, 6 in high
Capacity: approx. 6.5L
Expanded size: 9inches high, approx. 8.5L
Fits R1100GS and R1150GS (not Adventure)

Special order item from Touratech USA, which typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Touratech R1150GS|R1100GS Tail Rack Bag TVP
Produced by Touratech of Germany