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Touratech R1200 Hexhead Throttle Potentiometer (TPS) Guard


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The throttle potentiometer is a key part of the fuel injection system and is exposed on the stock BMW R1200 motor. Your riding boot or other objects can snap this fragile electrical component leaving you stranded. Precision crafted from laser-cut 3mm aluminum, Touratech has built a lightweight and strong guard that protects this delicate component of your fuel injection system ensuring that your trip continues as planned. Available in either black or silver anodized finishes, the Touratech throttle potentiometer guard compliments the capable personality of the bike. The guard comes with everything you need to get it installed. Installation takes only a few minutes.

-ONE cover for left side ONLY
-Easy installation
-3 solid mounting points
-Silver or Black anodized finish
-Made at Touratech factory in Germany

Fits air/oil-cooled R1200R, R1200RT and R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure motorcycles.

Please choose silver or black (pictured).

Touratech R1200 Hexhead Throttle Potentiometer (TPS) Guard
Produced by Touratech of Germany