Touratech R1200GS|ADV Side Panel Cover Set


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These special side covers for the R1200GS compliment the look of the tank shroud and aluminum screen. This part really finishes the look of the R1200GS. It also covers the unsightly charcoal canister and brake reservoir.

-Allows access to the electrical system plug socket
-Allows access to the shock adjustment
-Available in flat black, white, or aluminium silk matte
-Fits with the 1200 series luggage carriers

Sold as a pair-Left & Right Included.

Available in 2004-2007 Black, 2004-2007 Silver, 2004-2007 White, 2004-2007 Grey, 2008-on Titanium Silver, 2008-on Dark Slate Metallic, 2008-on Namibia Orange, 2008-on Tansanit Blue, and 2008-on Magnesium Metallic Matte (2004-2007 Silver pictured).

*NOTE: Fits 2008-2012 R1200GS and 2008-2013 R1200GS ADV. Does not work properly with BMW low seat. Shock preload adjustment method is changed a little when using the side panels. Preload is adjusted using the 18mm socket wrench provided by BMW. However, BMW has deleted this tool for newer models of R1200GS. Some versions special order from Touratech which typically takes 3-4 weeks.

Touratech R1200GS|ADV Side Panel Cover Set
Produced by Touratech of Germany