Touratech R1200GS WC (13-) Expedition Skid Plate Extension


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Don't give rocks or branches a place to snag the underside of your GS. Close the gap between the Expedition skid plate and the rear wheel, and give a smooth sliding surface for the entire underside of your R1200GS with this skidplate extension from Touratech. Whether you're gliding your big GS over logs and rocks, or just want to keep the dirt and grime buildup off your exhaust system and centerstand, this extension is a great addition to your Expedition skid plate.

Made of 4mm thick aluminum, this skid plate is designed to complement the protection and looks of the Touratech Expedition skid plate. It simply attaches to the R1200GS Water Cooled boxer's centerstand and when folded up, creates a continuous aluminum skid plate from the front wheel to the rear.

The extension installs in minutes with 4 sturdy rubberized clamps and 1 large aluminum tab to hold it securely to the centerstand without rattling.

-Made of 4mm thick laser-cut aluminum
-Compliments Expedition skid plate 045-5135 perfectly
-Extends protection past exhaust to rear tire
-Gives smooth sliding surface for full length of motorcycle underside
-Attaches to stock centerstand with 4 rubberized clamps
-Fits BMW R1200GS Water Cooled models 2013-on

Touratech R1200GS WC (13-) Expedition Skid Plate Extension
Produced by Touratech of Germany