Touratech R1200GS Windscreen Spoiler


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Clamps onto the top of the windscreen. Easy to clamp on when you hit the highway, easy off when you leave the pavement, or for around town.

Due to height and weight added to windscreen it is recommended for use only with aluminum windscreen mounts. Very early machines had plastic mounts at the bottom of the windscreen but most already have the aluminum pieces as original equipment.
Approx. 4" tall & 8-10" wide (top / bottom)
-Raises the effective height of the windshield 4 inches
-Aluminum, stainless steel and clear Macrolon construction
-Significant benefit to comfort
-Over-center clamping mechanism, it won't come off until you take it off
-Angle is the same as original windscreen (not adjustable)
-All model years
Touratech R1200GS Windscreen Spoiler
Produced by Touratech of Germany