Warm & Safe Gen 4 Heated Jacket Liner Womens

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The Generation 4 Women's Heated Jacket Liner

The Women's Heated Jacket Liners warms you in seconds, yet is designed to feel like part of you. The high tech, moisture wicking fabric with stretch side and back panels, is designed to keep the garment tight against your body for optimal heat transfer while reducing bulk.

The garment is durable, hand washable, and extremely lightweight. We deliver more heat in more places than any other garment. We use 7 heat panels. Heat covering the chest and lower front, heated arms, heated collar, heat in the upper back and the lower back. Our Heated Jacket Liner design offers the greatest heat transfer performance with the least amount of bulk.

The Generation 4 Heated Liner heat panels have soft and flexible carbon shaped for the maximum heat transfer (pictured front and back). All this efficiency means less insulation and power is required to deliver and retain the desired heat.

Heat controllers sold separately. A protective outer jacket should always be worn over jacket liner.

Warm & Safe Gen 4 Heated Jacket Liner Womens
Produced by Warm & Safe of USA