Warm & Safe Temp Controller Dual Wireless

Sierra BMW Motorcycle

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This is the latest Dual Remote Heat-troller Version CMB. The Remote has the 3 blink response to tell you it is working and uses 2 AAA batteries for longer life. Includes a 32in Battery Harness.

A dual heat-troller is not a two-fer. It is not for two people but to control multiple clothing on one person!

-Electronic, solid state design coupled with analog control for a full range of heat, with minimum power loss
-LED provides visual feedback for On, Off, Power Level & Polarity
-Sealed Switch with tactile On/Off with 300° rotation, providing heat from 3% to full on!
-Solid State, High Tech, Safe & Reliable Electronics designed by us
-Fits comfortably into the palm of the hand or pocket or on the Bike or Scooter or Horse or just about anywhere!
-Battery harness made of automotive grade wire that is resistant to oil, acid, water and grime with automotive style fuse
-Handles 15 amps at 13 volts with internal reset for overloads & shorts & works from 7 volt to 24 volt.

Warm & Safe Temp Controller Dual Wireless
Produced by Warm & Safe of USA