Wurth Motorcycle Contact Cleaner OL


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Contact OL is back, new and improved!

Formulated for improved cleaning and moisture displacement, Contact Cleaner OL is an electronic cleaner which will remove dirt, moisture, dust, flux and oxides from the internal components and contacts of electronic devices which include radios, compact disc players, DVD players and computer circuit boards. Leaves an anti-oxidation film behind.

-Fast drying
-Non conductive
-Removes moisture, flux, and oxides
-Safe for plastics, rubber, and metal

Note: Contents under pressure must be sent via surface shipping only. For North American customers, this means your order has to be shipped via ground service. For overseas customers, this item will be removed from your order. Sorry, no exceptions. This product is extremely flammable. First de-energize components and equipment. Always allow to dry and evacuate fumes before power is returned to the equipment.

Wurth Contact Cleaner OL
Produced by Wurth of Germany