Zeta G450X Clutch Lever Assembly


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-High quality CNC machined rotating clutch perch with FP clutch lever.
-Clutch perch is made of CNC machined A7009 aluminum, lever arm is made of forged aluminum for durable construction.
-Provides 2 different lever ratios, light pulling and accurate clutch control, by changing position of Ratio Device.
-Quick and easy to adjust clutch play even during the ride.
-Provides the best lever position for any hand size.
-Hinge style clamp for quick and easy maintenance. Nylon sleeve placed between the clamp and handlebar allows the perch to rotate upon impact.
-Built-in return spring in the Pivot lever allows the lever to swing forward in the event of crash and prevents lever breakage.

Zeta G450X Clutch Lever Assembly
Produced by Zeta of Japan