ZTechnik 4 Liter Motorcycle Storage Pod


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ZTechnik's extremely versatile 4-liter rear storage pod is a great addition or alternative to the standard tank bag. In addition to the main compartment, four zippered storage areas (three main areas and one document holder) are attached to a cleverly designed removable tray. On the top of the tray, the three generously sized zippered pockets hold a large number of items. Stuff them all and fill the top cavity of the pod, or remove the tray altogether to open the space into one very large main storage area. The Velcro® hinge makes removal of the tray a snap.

Sturdy double zippers keep everything secured inside while the pod's web straps and coated hooks attach it to the bike. Thinking ahead, ZTechnik included plenty of length in the web straps to make mounting the bag -- under the seat, to the rear tail cowling, or through a rack -- an easy process. Excess strap is pulled to the inside of the bag, keeping everything tight. The dense thermo-molded pod is covered with a durable canvas outside with a soft inner shell.

H: 6.0-4.5" front to back (15.2-11.4cm)
W: 12.5-9.0" front to back (31.8-22.9cm)
L: 13.75" (35.0cm)

The versatile Storage Pod will fit almost any bike in your garage and is perfect for when you're not carrying a lot!

ZTechnik 4 Liter Motorcycle Storage Pod
Produced by ZTechnik of USA