Z2264 & 71607653849

ZTechnik F650GS|Dakar (00-04) Tall Windshield


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The Z2264 will provide great looks and enhanced wind protection for years to come. This is because the Lexan® polycarbonate construction offers 23X the crack resistance and 20X the impact resistance of the acrylic used in most aftermarket shields. The tough FMR coating, meanwhile, offers 3X the abrasion resistance of most acrylic shields.

The shield also features a more upright angle and an innovative shape to ensure a bigger air pocket and smoother airflow behind the shield. The result is a noticeable reduction in wind noise buffeting.

H: 18.00 in. (45.7cm)
W: 15.50 in. (39.4cm)

Packaged with required BMW bracket.

ZTechnik F650GS|Dakar (00-04) Tall Windshield
Produced by ZTechnik of USA