ZTechnik F800R VStream Sport Windshield


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ZTechnik brings VStream® windscreen performance to the F800R! This clear polycarbonate windscreen gives the front end a sporty fairing-style appearance while deflecting the wind blast at high speeds away from the upper body for riders 5'8" (172cm) or shorter. Riders less than 5'8" (172cm) will find that the Z2425 will deflect turbulent air over their helmet, reducing wind noise and creating a pocket of calm, quiet air. Strong, 3-gauge (1/4 inch/.6cm) steel laser-cut brackets provide a ridged, stable mounting platform. Four mounting points on the upper and lower fork cross braces (at the headlight bracket mount points) become six windscreen mounting points through the 6-axis bracket design. Heavy rubber grommets provide impact absorption.

Tough 4.5mm FMR coated polycarbonate gives this VStream windscreen outstanding clarity and strength characteristics unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. This windscreen is 3X more resistant to abrasion than acrylic materials, and has 20X greater crack and impact resistance.

Covered by ZTechnik's 3-Year Unbreakable Warranty! (Register your ZTechnik VStream Windscreen purchase at ZTechnik.com in order to qualify for this warranty).

Please choose clear or tinted, shield is 16" tall and 15" wide. Dimensional Shipping Weight is listed.

ZTechnik F800R VStream Sport Windshield
Produced by ZTechnik of USA