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Accu-Pressure Motorcycle Tire Pressure Safety Caps (32-40 psi)


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-Under-inflated tires on motor vehicles cause crashes due to tire blow-outs, immobilized vehicles, poor handling as well as hydroplaning.

-A revolutionary new tire pressure monitoring system which will help you conveniently know when your vehicle's tire pressure is too low. The chrome Accu-Pressure Caps simply screw on to the tire's valve stem replacing the existing valve caps. They provide a visual warning indicator when tires are under inflated. These easy-to-install replacement valve caps constantly monitor your tire pressure with clear, bright color indicators.

-Tires can lose one psi (pound per square inch) per month under normal conditions.

-Additionally, tires can lose 1psi for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit temperature drop.

-For safety and maximum fuel efficiency you should check your tires regularly, paying special attention during changes of seasons or conditions that result in large temperature changes to your tires.

Accu-Pressure Safety Cap Installation Instructions
1-Unscrew and remove the existing valve stem caps (only the caps, not the stems) on your tires.
2-Make sure the O-ring seal is inside safety cap. Installation without the seal can lead to tire deflation.
3-Install a Safety Cap onto each of your valve stems by twisting in a clockwise fashion. Firmly tighten each safety cap to create a seal with the valve.
4-It is recommended that you check your installation for leaks with soapy water to insure proper seal.
5-After installation allow 30 minutes for the safety cap to display accurate pressure readings.

Guide to Color Codes Standard Caps
-ALL GREEN - Tire is properly inflated.
-YELLOW - Tire is approximately 5lbs. Low.
-RED - Tire is at least 10lbs. Low.

Please choose your pressures above, includes one of each pressure value chosen.

Accu-Pressure Tire Pressure Safety Caps (32-40 psi)
Produced by Accu-Pressure of USA