Hornig Sidestand Foot Enlargement Plate


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Feel safe when parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with a sidestand foot enlargement plate.

-More than 100% larger contact area.
-Made of high quality aluminum.
-Black anodized except S1000XR version which is silver (pictured bottom right).
-Easy to install.

Note: BMW has used different versions of sidestands on water-cooled GS and Adventure machines, please confirm fit or see the AltRider or Touratech version. BMW redesigned the sidestand on the 2016 and later K1600 series, please use K1600GTL/GT 16-on (0731) for these machines. If you have an R1200RT WC (14-) with the long, trapezoidal foot please use the Ilium Works R1200RT WC Sidestand Foot.

Hornig Sidestand Foot Enlargement Plate (Select Models)
Produced by Hornig of Germany

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