Verholen R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Bar Risers


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This handlebar adapter for BMW R1200GS 2013 improves your seating position with an appx 50mm (2") diagonal move. This moves your riding position approximately 50mm closer (back) and 25mm higher (up). You will feel a noticeable advantage: No more tensed up and widely outstretched arm. This it will help you sit more comfortable on your bike.

Note: This kit does require installation of a Brake line adapter and clutch line adapter. Other cable re-routing my be required, therefore it's recommended that a trained, certified technician perform the install.

Kit includes 2 risers, hardware, brake line extension, clutch line extension and instructions.

Verholen R1200GS WC (13-)|ADV WC (14-) Bar Risers
Produced by Verholen of Germany