AeroFlow K1600GTL|K1600GT (12-16) MiniWings


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MiniWings expand the envelope of protection created by AeroWings. They attach to the fairing with Dual-Lock, above the AeroWings and behind the mirrors. The molded air-intake reduces low pressure and ensures smooth air flow. Passengers will notice a reduction of air at their shoulders and upper arm.

One of our testers, Bob, reported that even when temp's were down in the teens he could feel the heat from his hand grips and his forearms were also much warmer. If you ride in cooler to cold weather or in the rain you'll definitely appreciate how well the MiniWings work.

MiniWings will provide the best protection when used in conjunction with the AeroWings. When tested solo, they still blocked air to the top of hands and forearms, but more air than will come around the sides without AeroWings.

Available in Clear (paintable) or Smoke. Note: If the Clear MiniWings aren't painted, the adhesive backing of the Dual-Lok will show. If you plan on painting the Clear MiniWings, please let us know before shipping so that we do not pre-attach the Dual-Lok. You'll be responsible for attaching Dual-Lok to the MiniWings after the paint has thoroughly cured.

Note: These will fit 2018 K1600GT Sport model.

AeroFlow K1600GTL|K1600GT (12-16) MiniWings
Produced by AeroFlow of USA