Airhawk R Motorcycle Seat Cushion


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NO MORE NUMB BUTT! The AIRHAWK R motorcycle cushion provides the same effective pressure redistribution with interconnected air cells as the original AIRHAWK motorcycle comfort seating systems, but with a new cell design to provide added comfort and to addresses specific pressure areas. “We designed the AIRHAWK R to address all of the issues that our customers have pointed out to us over the years—the new cell design eliminates contact with the tailbone, prostate and the scrotum area," Steve Peyton, Director of AIRHAWK Sales, said. Made from polyurethane, the new AIRHAWK R is 15.25 inches wide by 14 inches deep that is comparable in size to the AIRHAWK Medium Cruiser, the most popular AIRHAWK motorcycle cushion. As with all AIRHAWK motorcycle comfort seating systems, the AIRHAWK R comes with a non-skid cover and straps for securing it to the rider’s bike seat. AIRHAWK cushions use shape fitting technology® and are fully adjustable and customizable to each rider.

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Airhawk R Seat Cushion
Produced by AirHawk of USA