Akrapovic F850GS|F750GS Slip-On Exhaust


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Constructed from premium-quality stainless steel, this exhaust has a lightweight titanium muffler outer sleeve and is beautifully completed with a handmade carbon-fiber end cap. It is refined and sporty looking, with a black coating and an engraved Akrapovič logo within an all-new relief imprint, all designed to provide a classy and eye-catching finish. It reduces weight by over 38% from the stock system, improving handling on all terrains. The deeper, sportier Akrapovič tone is seamlessly matched to the torquey twin-cylinder engine. It is easy to fit, with no remapping needed, EPA, EC and ECE compliant, and fully compatible with BMW's side cases.

Maximum gain: + 0.7kw at 8200 rpm
Maximum gain: + 1.1nm at 5750 rpm
Weight: - 1.9kg

Dimensional weight listed, EPA approved.

Akrapovic F850GS|F750GS Slip-On Exhaust
Produced by Akrapovic of Slovenia