Akrapovic R1250GS Titanium Upper Crash Bars


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Constructed from sandblasted, lightweight titanium, this is the first product of its kind in the Akrapovič range, and it fully uses the company’s expertise in titanium technology. It is designed from scratch and offers an approximately 40% weight savings over comparable steel versions, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

These bars are precision TIG welded, equipped with laser-cut and finely machined 8 mm flanges to provide a perfect fit and strength. They fit perfectly with the bike’s existing components and offer the possibility of attaching extra bags and fog lights or spotlights to the bar.

The product weighs just 2.38 kg. Fully evaluated through numerous tests and deformation analyses, the highly stable construction is partly fixed to the chassis to distribute any impact through the bars. The bars are finished with an engraved logo prominently labelled Titanium to emphasize this product’s important characteristic.

Note: Does not fit fit R1250GSA, dimensional weight listed

Akrapovic R1250GS Titanium Upper Crash Bars
Produced by Akapovic of Slovenia