BB.STM-007-02-NP + BB.S3.BK

Barkbusters R1250RS|R1200RS WC Handguard Kit


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Provide light protection for your motorcycle’s levers with Barkbusters Aluminum Bar Single Point Bar End Mount Handguard Kit for motorcycles with 6mm & 8mm internally threaded bar ends. Give your motorcycle the insurance it deserves with an aluminum bar single point bar end mount handguard kit by Barkbusters.

-Fits 6mm or 8mm internal thread handlebars
-Single point mounting system
-Aluminum mounting frame and locking cap
-Manufactured in Australia

-Left and right aluminum bar handguards
-Mounting hardware
-Installation instructions
-Maximum wind protection with Barkbuster's largest handguard plastic

Barkbusters R1250RS|R1200RS WC Handguard Kit
Produced by RideWorx/Barkbusters of Australia