BMW F800GS|ADV Sidestand Foot


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BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to announce a new series of side stand foot enlargers! The small side stand foot pad on a bike is one of the most vulnerable parts. When parking in sand, gravel, or even just asphalt on a particularly hot day, that small foot pad determines whether or not you come back to a bike standing or laying on its side. The BMW Motorrad side stand foot enlargers are custom made for every model and not a universal fit, this is because every side stand foot shape is different and the side stand foot enlarger is designed with a tight bolting profile to reduce leverage and bending that can cause the fasteners to loosen over time.

Made from heavy duty 1/8 inch plate stainless steel, these foot enlargers feature 3D tread to create traction for your boots. The ergonomic design allows easier deployment of the side stand while still on the bike. The BMW side stand foot enlargers also clamp down on the actual pad of the side stands with T-25 Torx fasteners, which means the foot will remain tight, even after months of use.

-The footprint of the side stand is dramatically increased by 75-120% (depends on design). Increased surface area means more security for the bike when left unattended
-The enlarger features a bent tab at the tip which interacts with your boot for easier deploying or stowing your side stand, even with mud and water all over your boot. This bent tab also helps the bike stay upright in extremely soft material like sand by creating a wedge rather than digging down into the surface of the sand until tipping over
-The fasteners are hardened T-25 Torx to prevent stripping and you don’t need to carry additional tools in your kit
-The bottom plate has just the right amount of material to keep weight down and still perform
-Tactical black powder coat finish with BMW wordmark looks great
-Not for lowered frame versions

Covered under the terms of the 2 year limited parts warranty, special order item.

BMW F800GS|ADV Sidestand Foot
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