BMW F800R|F800S|F800ST Custom Seat (Standard, Extra Low)


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The standard seat on the F800S and F800ST stands 820 mm (32.3") of the ground, making the motorcycles ideal for riders over 5'8", while a lowered seat is available for riders under 5'8".

The F800R seat is 32.4" standard.

All motorcycle riders know that the wider the seat, particularly toward the front, the harder it is to get your feet on the ground whatever the seat height. As a result, the seat of the F800S and ST has been optimized for step length, so that it is markedly slimmer towards the front, giving more freedom of movement for sport-style riding and making it easier to touch the ground when stationary.

Note: These seats also fit the F800GT but not the 2015-on F800R. Dimensional shipping weight listed.

BMW F800R|F800S|F800ST Custom Seat (Standard, Extra Low)
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