BMW Motorcycles R1250 / R1200 Boxer WC Supplementary Tool Kit


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Be prepared with this supplementary toolkit with specific tools for your new BMW Motorcycles water-cooled Boxer. High quality BMW Motorcycles tools, just like the old days!

Open end wrench attachment 10mm
Open end wrench attachment 14mm
Closed end wrench attachment 17mm
13mm socket
Phillips #1 bit
Phillips #2 bit
Flat screwdriver bit
Torx T25 bit
Torx T30 bit
Torx T40 bit
Torx T45 bit
Torx T50 bit
3/8" drive swivel
3/8" drive bit adapter
Adjustable spark plug socket
19mm internal axle wrench
Tool bag

BMW R1250 / R1200 Boxer Water-Cooled Supplementary Tool Kit
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