BMW Motorcycles Ultimate Riders Kit


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The BMW Motorrad Ultimate Riders kit is offers a collection of original BMW accessories for every rider on the go. Whether you’re taking a short leisurely ride, day trip, cross country tour or out on an adventure ride this kit has you covered. This exclusive package is available for $375 MSRP – a savings of 25% is purchasing each item separately.

Kit Includes:
-Battery Charger Plus
In addition to charging conventional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free rechargeable batteries (gel/AGM), the high-quality BMW Motorrad battery charger Plus also allows for fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled charging and maintenance of all Original BMW Motorrad lithium-ion starter batteries with 12 V and a capacity of 6 to 60 Ah.
-Spray Cleaner & Polish
BMW Motorrad Spray Cleaner and Polish is a detailer in a can that can be used on all painted, plastic and metal surfaces. Cleans bugs and road grime leaving an intense carnauba wax shine.
-ADVANTEC Protect Fuel Additive
The ADVANTEC Protect Original BMW Fuel Additive protects the fuel from ageing and prevents corrosion in the combustion chamber and on all parts carrying fuel. The cleaning effect also removes deposits that can impair engine output. The additive can be used as an immediate or preventive measure.
-Travel Tire Pressure Set
The travel set for tire pressure monitoring includes a small digital measuring device and CO2 cartridges for filling.
-Riders Equipment Organizer
The collapsible hanging organizer holds the riders equipment during breaks from riding, keeping it clean and organized. Three compartments of the same size and eyelets on the side provide plenty of space for helmet, gloves, balaclava and other accessories. The organizers waterproof top allows it to be used even outdoors. Since it is easy to collapse and transport in the included bag, the organizer is practical for holding the riders equipment not only in the garage at home, but also, for example, during a vacation trip or racetrack event.
-LED Flashlight
Small, robust, reliable – and extremely bright: the rechargeable LED torch with a light output of over 80 lumens impresses thanks to its enormous headlight range and an above - average service life of up to 3000 charging cycles. The battery can be easily charged via the 12 V power socket on the motorcycle.
-First Aid Kit
The compact first aid kit from BMW Motorrad fits into any motorcycle and contains basic equipment for treating minor injuries. In addition to a range of plasters and disposable gloves, the nylon bag also contains skin cleansing wipes,
a first aid dressing and an emergency blanket.
-Foldable Backpack
The lightweight folding backpack is a helpful and durable companion when spontaneous storage space is needed on the road. For transport, simply fold it into the integrated zipper pocket. Its compact dimensions mean it can be cleverly stowed under the seat of the motorcycle or taken everywhere for other purposes
-USB Cable Set
The three BMW Motorrad USB cables in the set provide a connection for any standard device. The special connectors with an extended shaft are easy to handle. The cables, each with a length of 1.8 m, can be individually adjusted and compactly stowed away using a Velcro strap.

BMW Motorcycles Ultimate Riders Kit
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