BMW Motorrad R18 Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust Set Black


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The extensive accessory program from BMW Motorrad for the R18 is now getting a sonorous boost with new Akrapovič rear silencers. 3.8-inches shorter in length than the two standard rear silencers, the Akrapovič units are made of durable stainless steel, coated in matt black and, together with a silver end cap which can be rotated in 90-degree steps, give the rear end of the R 18 a sportier appearance.

The stylized BMW brand symbol - the "propeller" - in the center of the end cap acts as a highly detailed and special identification mark. A screwed-in heat protection cover on each of the manifold sections of the slip-on rear silencers protects the rider's feet.

With a combined weight of 19.2 lbs., the two Akrapovic rear silencers are 2.2 lbs. lighter than the standard fishtail exhaust sections. The new rear silencers have been optimally tuned to the 1,802 cc "Big Boxer" of the R 18 and make for particularly rich and pleasant sound.

Fits standard R18 and R18 Classic, dimensional weight listed.

BMW Motorrad R18 Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust Set Black
BMW Original Parts by Akrapovic

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