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BMW R1200GS|ADV Oversize Handguard Spoiler Kit


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How about a little more protection? Whether you need the added protection from the weather or when you are bush bashing, this item is quite useful.

Large Top Sections: For the hand protector offers enhanced protection against wind and weather and against stones thrown up by the wheel of the vehicle in front. The clip-on spoiler attaches to the bottom section of the hand protector, taking the place of the small spoiler.

Material: Polyamide PA6, impact-resistant and UV-resistant.
Color: Black
Includes both left and right oversize spoilers.

Please note: This item fits BMW R1200GS/ADV 2008-13/14 models only; note your bike must already have handguards in order to utilize this spoiler, as it attaches to them.

BMW R1200GS|ADV Oversize Handguard Spoiler Kit
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