BMW S1000RR|S1000R Drop Sensor


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The drop sensor available as an optional accessory for the S1000RR switches off the engine within seconds if the motorcycle is dropped.

Electronic sensor that registers lateral acceleration:
If a lateral acceleration of at least 0.7 g is measured over a period of 2 seconds, fuel injection and the fuel-pump unit are cut off (0.7 g corresponds to approx. 45 ° at standstill).
The sensor connects to the free plug provided for the purpose in the standard wiring harness.
Unlike the competitor products, the drop sensor from BMW Motorrad is an electronic acceleration sensor with angle-of-heel recognition; it is not a mechanical sensor. Mechanical sensors are prone to malfunction - this does not apply in the case of this sensor. Installation by an authorized BMW Motorrad dealer only.

BMW S1000RR|S1000R Drop Sensor
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